About us, the biographical description of Afaghi Designers group, which has been working in the fields of design and graphicsarchitecture, interior decorationdigital marketing, printing and advertising, and fabric and clothing design in Iran, Turkey, the UAE, Australia, Poland, Germany, etc. ..has been active in various fields. We were present in the business space with the brand names of “Cibita Designers”, “Symbolic Designers Company” “Septa Company”, “Frost Advertising Magazine” and “Fonda Interior Design Company”. We have cooperated with more than 30 international brands and holding companies. We entered the world of graphic design along with drawing papers with colored and black pens, and with the advancement of technology, we took our color palette and tools to graphic software and implemented our ideas in the space of more than 50 international exhibitions. We have been with commercial catering and hoteling companies, holdings, and commercial companies. In the field of printing and printing machines color science printing and printing services and specialized packaging of domestic and foreign motor oil products, all printing techniques on all types of iron materials, sheets, paper, and cardboard. And craft and… we performed in the best possible way. With empathy and companionship, we brought together the best artists of Iran and revived the Tehran Visual Arts Association to use the experiences of the most experienced artists. Also, we held a design and photography exhibition at the Andisheh Cultural Center in Tehran with the presence of art professors. We have reached a step beyond software to the world of digital marketing and strategy and planning and technical supervision of all stages of graphic content production and its efficiency and implementation. This experience is the result of more than 35 years of effort in the field of design and graphics. Now this experience is the honor of your company. Here, we use our art and creativity to help you add beauty and charm to your business. With unique designs and creative graphics, we help you stand out from the competition. With a focus on creativity and innovation, we’re always looking for new ways to create designs that help you stand out. Reach and engage your customers. By combining colors, fonts, images, and graphic elements, we create designs that allow you to have powerful marketing.
With all our experience and expertise, we guarantee that you will achieve more beauty and prominence by working with us. Having a team of experts and using advanced technologies, we create designs for you that meet your needs and expectations.

Be with us and experience beauty, creativity, and prominence in graphic design, digital marketing architectural design, and decoration.

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With our expertise, we offer comprehensive guidance in producing fresh content that appeals to the digital evaluation algorithms. Today, businesses strive for success, visibility, and resonance. Undoubtedly, achieving these goals requires content that is fresh, creative, innovative, and original, holding a significant advantage in the digital landscape.

Whether in the realm of business marketing or the digital world, we emphasize the importance of integrated and up-to-date designs. Our team of experienced and creative minds ensures a seamless growth process with a cohesive visual identity. Alongside your brand, we consider your business strategy, incorporating branding and marketing to create a delightful path from envisioning to realization.

We understand that generating content that stands out can be challenging, especially with the ever-evolving algorithmic landscape. That’s why our consulting services are tailored to provide you with insights and strategies to maximize the impact of your content, both in textual and visually engaging forms.

By leveraging our expertise in content creation, branding, and digital marketing, we offer a valuable partnership to help you bridge the gap between dreams and reality. We believe in the power of innovative and distinctive content and strive to make your journey towards recognition and success an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



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