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10Cognitive headings of DIGITAL MARKETING

10 cognitive headings of DIGITAL MARKETING or digital marketing:

The set of calculation and analysis and planning process, increase and growth of business in the depth of virtual space, which includes:

1. Business planning will be to know the market and the size of the market, to know the competitors and the economic efficiency and to measure the time and cost.

2. The strategy plan, which is the style of work, how to generate income and specify the progressing and specific path of each business in advertising and sales and the durability of the competition.

3. Designing a website and application with correct usage and evaluating the input and sitting rate and analyzing the website’s efficiency.

4. Designing and producing content for social networks, which has several branches in content creation, such as: copywriting/video marketing/motion graphics, etc.

5. SEO optimization in two parts: internal SEO and external SEO.

6. The research includes checking the information of the site and application and the results and identifying the style, age and gender of the users and their number will be the best method to increase sales and advertising.

7. Click ads to increase site rank and membership and sales and whatever you have in mind, click for every sale of your product or click for every registration on the site.

8. Campaigning and cooperation in sales

9. Matched advertisements of advertising effect marketing

10. Increasing brand value

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Digital Consulting ​​

مشاوره دیجیتال

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Content Marketing​

بازاریابی محتوا

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Social Media​​

رسانه های اجتماعی

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Web Design​

طراحی وبسایت

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بهینه سازی سایت

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تبلیغات کلیکی

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Graphic Design​​

گرافیک و طراحی

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Sales increase

Get to know your customers better with digital marketing and have targeted ads and increase sales

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Brand Master

Brand expertise and website and application efficiency and determining the method of rapid brand growth with visual techniques and principles of design and branding

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Best Practices

The best practices in SEO competition, advertising efficiency and increasing customers and users


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At the beginning of branding and marketing evaluation and consulting, it helps to get to know you, but usually we can set goals by designing a business plan and give shape and personality to the brand with a visual identity. The next step is to design the office or work environment according to the physical facilities. And we will execute and in the next step we will design the website and application.

Depending on the business plan and the way and method of doing business in cyber space, you can choose which media or network to be active in. The important thing to attend: 1. Type of business 2. Scope of business 3. How to advertise 4. Identification Market

Good content can be in text and copywriting or an article with photos, but the best way will be non-copy content and video marketing. That helps a lot with SEO and sustainability.

The speed of business in the virtual space by evaluating the effectiveness of the website and feedback and analysis and research and taking into account the time by optimizing and debugging the website and identifying potential customers can be turned into actual customers.

Yes, click ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) or pay per click has more than ten branches, you can use it in advertising campaigns to get membership and purchase products and banner visibility and increase sales or users or members or more visits.

What problem does your product or service solve for what age group and gender? What is your competitive advantage? quality or price or provision of service or support

Business plan design, visual identity design, interior decoration design, environmental and virtual advertising, website and application in every step, we will use the best experiences to improve your business.

Our clients are among the best in the business field and it is our honor to be with them.

We strive to make our customers happy. We will be with you

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