Visual identity

What is visual identity?

The visual identity of all the visual elements in the body and soul of an example or work of art, which, in terms of understanding visual art, means balance in the use of color, size, dimensions, and shapes with regard to an example or work of art. If we want to explain the visual identity in a model, it is like this. A business must have a name related to its product or service to start. After that, according to the field and field of activity, he creates the relevant or desired color and his trademark or logo.

Why should I choose a career-related business name?

Your coordination and familiarity with words related to your brand identity will make you stronger.

A good example in the name of visual identity: Let’s say your job is publishing in the field of marketing books. The name and identity of a brand related to the book: “Marketing Publications”

“Publishing” represents the business and “Marketing” represents the work department that mentions the publishing name identity in its brand name. Due to the extensive registrations, choosing a brand name requires expertise and research.

A good example of visual identity content: in the pilgrimage tourism industry, a new hotel is opened in the city of Ziarat. In the trademark, the pilgrimage element and the chosen name and color represent the line of business and the visual identity is related.

Bad example: Most fast food restaurants are identified with foreign or luxury names because it is a symbol of a foreign food. Let’s say our bad example is “Pizza Cooker”. With pink color element.

It is true that Tabakhi means to cook, but in Iran, the word Tabakhi is more known as peddling, and it is not a correct choice in the identity, content, and color element of this style of identification.

Visual identity, as its name suggests, is the characteristics and specifications and all the social, cultural and psychological knowledge for the best definition and explanation of an example to present to the audience.

Why should color be associated with your chosen brand name?

Each color gives us different feelings. The main colors are blue, yellow and red. For example, the color blue represents the sky and water and a sense of peace, and the color red represents warning and invasion, and the wide meanings of color in all graphic and design sectors have their own meaning in each field. For example, orange and red colors are known in restaurants as delicious and reminiscent of spices and colored and glazed food.

For example, the city of Ziarat is known in Iran with green, gold and white colors, respectively.

The trademark element of Ziarati Fadak Hotel is inspired by the green colors known as Kale Ghazi. With the color combination of yellow and golden base, the combination and contrast and complementarity of color and element have been observed in it.

The shrine and pilgrimage element is designed with a yellow base color and its complementary color with a blue-green color.

According to breaking the taboos of secondary brands to use color in the new field to show differentiation with previous brands, they use the new color in the same color range. According to the styles of paintings in different eras, the feelings of colors and the type of use of color and composition, the dimensions used And they evaluate and analyze how to use one or more colors

What is visual identity in colors?

In the selection of colors, techniques, colorology and extensive analysis are used. For example, RGB (Red-Green-Blue) and CMYK (Cyan) (Magenta) (Yellow) (Black) colors are generally different in the printing and design industry. Even the categories of light color are completely different from printed colors. In the basics of color in the light, the seven colors of the rainbow make up the yellow-white light, and normally, by mixing the seven colors, we definitely get black or dark brown. In the examination of even colors, the background of their use and even the similarity of colors with nature are discussed. The untitled green color is likened to nature, especially trees, forest and greenery, and blue color, as in the content of the word water, reminds us of the sea and water, and the world of color basics can convey a lot of feelings.

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